Olivier Rousteing has delved into the Parisian fashion house’s rich archives to rediscover and bring his own innovative and audacious vision to classic designs. The new Balmain shoe collection for women is the product of a mix of legendary history and modern sensitivity, demonstrating how the atelier does not follow fashion trends, but rather creates them. Amongst this collection of designer shoes are ultra-long boots which make legs look more slender, ankle boots with sophisticated designs, sandals which are the epitome of elegance and futuristic-inspired sports shoes so the Balmain Army members can step out in style in any of the world’s major cities, from Paris to New York. The artisanal savoir-faire accumulated for over 75 years, ensures all of Balmain’s shoes for women rise to the level of works of art. From luxury materials and an obsession for details emanates this incredible sensation of power which women can experience when wearing a Balmain design.

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